Norton Product Tiering



These top-of-the-range solutions mean impressive, measurable impact on your process cost. You can expect to spend less time changing abrasives and more time focusing on production when you make an investment in Best tier Norton products. Our Best tier products are designed for the customer who is seeking the highest productivity at the lowest cost. Our brands like SpitFire, Alkon, Zirkon etc.fall under ‘Best’ category.



Our Better tier products provide an excellent blend of performance and price. They may be the right fit when you can’t easily measure the value of a Best tier product, but still have higher expectations for performance. Our brands like Xpert fall under ‘Better’ category.




And, our Good tier products are the most economical range of Norton products however we promise the quality that you expect from the Norton name is not compromised. This category of product’s performance will be above your expectations. So dear budget conscious user, be rest assured as you'll get your money's worth. Our brands like Bear, Champ, Professional etc. fall under the ‘Good’ category.



We also have products for the very basic need where the lowest initial price point is priority to get the job done. 
If you need help to determine the right tier for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us or via your local Norton sales representative. 



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