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    Norton Clipper offers a wide range of power tools and consumables for the most demanding professionals within the building & construction market.
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    A range of light and medium construction machines for floor sawing, masonry, drilling and tile sawing, with a wide selection of diamond blades and grinding tools for building & plant hire.
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    Leaders in the design and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative, high quality diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.
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Building & Construction

With Norton Clipper we are providing a one-stop shop for all cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding jobs within the building and industrial construction markets. From residential and habitat projects to large scale civil engineering ventures and everything in between – we can equip you with the safest and highest performing construction blades, machines and abrasives that not only help to improve your personal comfort but contribute to a greener environment.

It was Norton Clipper that revolutionised the building and construction industry with the invention of the world’s 1’st laser welded diamond blade. And we’ve continued to innovate: our award winning silent blades, perfect for noise-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, offices, residential spaces and city centres; the introduction of infiltrated High Density technology (i-HDTM), the latest revolution in diamond tool manufacturing providing unrivalled performance, greater comfort, lower energy production and improved safety which is second to none.

Additionally, Norton Clipper boasts the widest range of diamond tools for cutting the most common surfaces: reinforced concrete, granite, tiles, stone and asphalt; as well as providing high performance machines including: masonry, floor, tile and handheld saws, core drilling equipment, floor grinders and power trowels.

Whatever your trade we can offer you safe, high quality construction blades, machines and abrasives to help you build, renovate and improve our habitat.

Keeping You Safe

Substantial investments have been made to automate and develop the manufacturing processes across our Norton manufacturing plants to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to protect our customers and the environment.

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  • Diamond Tools For Concrete & Reinforced Concrete

  • Duo Extreme +

    High quality diamond blade with extreme cutting speed and long product life.

  • Super Beton Evo

    Very good money for value laser welded blade for intensive use.

  • ZDH Duo

    High performance blade featuring trapezoidal segments for high speed and comfort.

  • ZDH 500

    Good value for money laser welded blade with 10mm high segments.

  • Ring Beton

    A special laser welded ring blade, with 10mm segment height for long life.

  • 4 x 4 Explorer +

    Multi purpose and versatile blade providing long life and high speed cutting.

  • Silencio

    The most efficient noise reduction and cutting performance blade.

  • X3

    20% faster drilling speed than standard corebits.

  • Pro CB Beton

    Core drill with laser welded segments for wet drilling. Available in segment/crown.

  • PRO CB Beton XT

    Light laser welded corebit for handheld wet drilling applications.

  • Diamond Tools for Asphalt & Abrasive Materials

  • Duo Asphalt +

    Easy to use, extremely fast cutting & guarantees an accurate cut and very long life.

  • Super Asphalt Evo

    A very good value for money laser welded blade for intensive use and long life.

  • Classic Asphalt

    A good value for money laser welded blade for dry and wet cutting.

  • Diamond Tools for Ceramic Tiles, Natural Stone & Glazed Materials

  • Super Gres XT Evo

    A turbo jet continuous rim diamond blade for high speed dry or wet cutting.

  • MD 110 CD

    A continuous rim blade, suitable for hand held machines and for dry or wet cutting

  • Classic Ceram XT

    Turbo jet continuous rim blade for faster & smoother cutting of hard ceramic tiles.

  • Classic Ceram

    A smooth and continuous rim blade for dry or wet cutting.

  • Super Gres XT

    A turbo jet continuous rim diamond blade for high speed dry or wet cutting.

  • MD 120C

    A continuous rim blade for wet cutting with all types of tile cutting machines.

  • Ceram XJ

    Continuous rim with thin laser slots for blade cooling and smoother cutting.

  • Marmo Pro

    Electroplated blade, drop down inserts on the steel center for a smooth cut.

  • Pro Glass

    Continious rim blade for wet cutting of glass and glazed materials.

  • Duo Granit +

    Duo shape trapezoidal segments, providing excellent cutting speed and low vibrations.

  • Granit Turbo Laser

    Corrugated segments, providing long life, reduced friction and higher cutting speed.

  • Super Stradalit Evo

    High performance wet cutting blade, 10mm high segments with silent steel center.

  • Granito

    Quality value for money blade suitable for granite, marble and natural stone.

  • Pro Stone

    Good value for money laser welded blade, for use on masonry bench saws.

  • Pro Ceram VB Dry

    Vacuum brazed drill for dry drilling of hard ceramic tiles & natural stones.

  • Pro CB Granit

    Core bit with brazed segments, for wet drilling of granite and natural stones.

  • Euro ZML Evo

    A fast cutting, general purpose blade for long life in wet or dry cutting.

  • Classic Laser

    A good value for money laser welded diamond blade suitable for both wet and dry cutting.

  • Classic Uni

    A good value for money sintered diamond blade for both wet and dry applications.

  • Aero Jet Evo

    A fast cutting continuous rimmed blade for long life on wet or dry applications.

  • Euro Jet

    A continuous rimmed blade with a 12mm high rim for dry or wet cutting.

  • Classic Jet

    A good value for money continuous rimmed blade for both dry and wet cutting.

  • FMD Duo

    Laser welded blade, designed for wet and dry cutting on masonry saws.

  • Alfa

    A fast cutting general purpose laser blade offers long life on wet or dry applications.

  • Multi-Runner

    Multi-material vacuum-brazed blades for dry-cutting of a wide variety of materials.

Explore our range of machines
select a catagory and browse our product range
  • CGW

    Lightest saw in the range, has a cutting head that allows 500mm cutting length.

  • CM42

    A lightweight, portable masonry saw offering a quick, precise and easy cut.

  • JCW

    Belt driven machine for precision cutting.

  • CHW

    Built with extruded aluminium profiles.

  • CHW-T

    Built with extruded aluminium profiles and has a high precision tilting head.

  • CM401

    Built with an aluminium frame, pivot legs and stay level blade guard and waterproof.

  • CM501

    High performing and robust masonry saw.


    Dedicated for industrial applications, suitable for brick or refractory work.

  • JUMBO 651

    A powerful and robust saw, designed for continuous operation on job sites.

  • JUMBO 900/1000

    Heavy duty, market preference for large masonry block saws.

  • C51

    Compact, robust and highly manoeuvrable machine for wet and dry cutting.

  • CS401

    A compact and economic floor saw, suitable for dry or wet cutting.

  • CS451

    CS451 combines robustness, functionality and reduced vibration levels.

  • CS1

    Robust, powerful machine for all types of repair work on concrete and asphalt.

  • CSB1

    A heavy duty deep cutting saw, with a manual hydraulic raise and lower.

  • CK31

    Professional saw for deep cutting, ideal for all types of concrete and asphalt.

  • C99E

    Robust, low vibration electric floor saw, with ergonomic features and easy to maintain.

  • CS7,5

    Basic electric machine with manual feed and a hand wheel raise and lower mechanism.

  • TT180 BM

    A small and lightweight table top tile saw. Perfect for transporting.

  • TT200 EM

    Powerful 800W table top tile saw with a unique plastic frame serves as a water tank.

  • TT250 G

    Powerful table top tile saw with a unique blade guard and removable water tank.

  • TR201 E

    A professional tile saw including folding legs and a powerful 900W motor.

  • TR230 GS

    Professional tile saw with a 1,1kW motor and a cutting length adapted to large tiles.

  • TR231 GL

    Tile saw with a 1,1kW motor and a cutting length adapted for very large tiles.

  • TR250 H

    Robust and high quality machine, with a 1300W motor and 1000mm max cutting length.

  • CMR351

    Simple and robust saw dedicated to stone cutting, featuring a tilting rail and head.

  • CST Modulo

    Specifically for stone cutting, CST Modulo is one of the most robust saws.

  • Handheld Cut-Off Saws

  • CP500s

    Raw power for smooth fast cuts, with features that guarantee everyday reliabilty

  • CT600 UNO

    One of the lightest power trowels, featuring a foldable arm for easy transportation.

  • CT601

    A light weight machine, ideal for small surface and trowelling along walls.

  • CT901

    Most popular, medium weight machine covering a wide range of applications.

  • MTA36

    Medium weight machine equipped with hydraulic blade pitch control.

  • CT1201

    A heavy duty machine, ideal for large surfaces.

  • SC181

    A powerful and smart wall chaser, driven by a 1,8kW motor.

  • SC401

    400mm electric portable cutter, with high flexibility.

  • Grinding Machines

  • CG125

    Single-head hand held machines with a grinding width of 125mm.

  • CG180

    Single-head hand held machines with a grinding width of 180mm

  • CG252

    A lightweight and compact single head grinding machine.

  • Dust Extractors

  • CV402

    Ideal industrial dust extractor for wet and dry drilling applications.

  • CV324

    An industrial dust extractor best fitted for use with Clipper floor grinding machines.

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