• Construction

    Explore our full range of Norton Clipper abrasives, diamond blades, and equipment for construction professionals.
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  • Burnisher and Floor Pads

    Professional Cleaning

    From non-woven floor pads; to hand, utility, cleaning, and scrubbing pads; to concrete and stone care products – Norton has everything you need.
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  • Sport Floor Sanding

    Full line of cutting-edge sport floor refinishing products designed to reduce labor and materials costs, shorten job time, and minimize impact on the surrounding environment.
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Commercial Contractor

Professional craftsmanship builds the infrastructure of our country. As a nation, we construct, maintain, and renovate on the job every day to the highest quality our friends and families can trust as they move about their busy lives. And it’s important to do the best job the first time as time is money. So, you devote your limited time and budget very wisely. We know that the structural components of each job represent the largest part of your budget. We provide dependable, worry-free equipment, diamond, abrasive, and maintenance products that you can always rely on to get you on and off the job - on time. Norton products can always be trusted to grind, finish, clean and cut your way to successful and safe project completion. Explore our Next Steps to learn how Norton products are All the Muscle You need!

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