FDIC 2017

There is no better place than FDIC 2017 – the Fire Department Instructors Conference – to find out for yourself why the Norton Rescue Runner High-Speed Gas Saw Diamond Blade gets glowing testimonials from firefighters.

We can tell you the technical stuff: 
  • the specially tempered thicker core provides maximum durability for a more stable, smoother cut
  • the diamond bonding system allows the blade to be completely used, as opposed to standard blades that depend on controlled erosion for best cutting performance
  • the placement of layered diamond patterns on the Recue Runner means the blade runs in either direction eliminating concern for how the blade is mounted to the cut-off saw
  • the geometric channeling pattern of the Rescue Runner dissipates heat by directing material swarf and air flow over the outer edge of the blade
But the best way to hear about our Rescue Runner blade is from the firefighers who have used it:

“Since the demo day and acquiring the Rescue Runner blade from Norton we have been very pleased with it's performance. From concrete foundation walls, metal doors and steel/tar roofs, security bars and even tires the Rescue Runner has eliminated the need to change between composite fibre blades on the scene. No more guessing whether it's a masonry or steel cutting composite blade. Certainly a great attribute to the Squad Inventory.“ – John Davidson, Shift Training Instructor, Toronto Fire Department, Squad 232, "D" shift”

“Being on a small fire department with a limited budget means we need to have equipment that that is durable, reliable and versatile. The Norton Rescue Runner’s strength and versatility means we aren’t losing valuable time at an emergency changing out blades. Our first job with the blade was a ¼” steel grate. The blade made a smooth, quick cut without catching or stalling. The dynamics of this blade has now made our rescue saw one of our most commonly used tools.” – Paul Redman, Deputy Fire Chief, Blandford-Blenheim Fire Department, Plattsville Station”

“The best thing about this blade is it always works. While operating at a strip mall fire, our tower was assigned vent work. The guys that operated that night stated that it out cut the other saws working that fire. They cut several different holes without having to change blades and were able to continue working without missing a beat. They cleaned the blade up, flipped it over and it was ready to meet its next challenge.” – Fire Fighter, Chris Wilson – Bloomingdale Fire District

Don't miss us, or the Rescue Runner diamond blade and our iLube High-Speed Gas Saw, in the Norton booth #1309.


For more information about FDIC 2017, visit their website at http://www.fdic.com