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    Automotive Aftermarket

    An enhanced range of abrasives for applications in metal working, body panel repair, surface preparation, finishing and polishing as well as non-abrasives for masking and painting.
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Automotive Aftermarket

Norton is part of a select group of industry leaders providing complete automotive refinishing solutions. Bringing together an enhanced range of abrasives and non-abrasive consumables, including a close partnership with other key Saint-Gobain businesses, Norton helps body shops to optimise all aspects of the automotive repair and refinish process. 

As a world leader in abrasive solutions for applications in metal working, body panel repair, surface preparation, finishing and polishing, Norton enables you to work with 100% confidence in achieving the best possible results for your customers. Our priority is to provide the most efficient preparation processes, not only offering high performance coupled with ease of use, but also delivering total repair cost savings. And its not just abrasives, Norton offers a complete range of masking products, polishing compounds and accessories as well as the Norton Paint System; the most effective solution for preparing, mixing and spraying paints, saving time and enabling paint to be stored and reused. Additionally the Norton range of personal protection equipment complies with the most stringent EU Health & safety directives.

Norton Cyclonic®: The Complete Process Solution

Cyclonic® is a new concept with a complete system of products colour coded by application steps for quick and easy selection.

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