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    Building Merchants

    Norton Clipper offers a wide range of power tools and consumables for the most demanding professionals within the building & construction markets
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    Building Rental/Hire

    A range of light and medium construction machines for floor sawing, masonry, drilling and tile sawing, with a wide selection of diamond blades and grinding tools for building & plant hire.
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    Building Contractors

    Leaders in the design and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative, high quality diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.
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Building and Construction

With Norton Clipper we are providing a one-stop shop for all cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding jobs within the building and industrial construction markets. From residential and habitat projects to large scale civil engineering ventures and everything in between – we can equip you with the safest and highest performing construction blades, machines and abrasives that not only help to improve your personal comfort but contribute to a greener environment.

It was Norton Clipper that revolutionised the building and construction industry with the invention of the world’s 1’st laser welded diamond blade. And we’ve continued to innovate: our award winning silent blades, perfect for noise-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, offices, residential spaces and city centres; the introduction of infiltrated High Density technology (i-HDTM), the latest revolution in diamond tool manufacturing providing unrivalled performance, greater comfort, lower energy production and improved safety which is second to none.

Additionally, Norton Clipper boasts the widest range of diamond tools for cutting the most common surfaces: reinforced concrete, granite, tiles, stone and asphalt; as well as providing high performance machines including: masonry, floor, tile and handheld saws, core drilling equipment, floor grinders and power trowels.

Whatever your trade we can offer you safe, high quality construction blades, machines and abrasives to help you build, renovate and improve our habitat.

Keeping You Safe

Substantial investments have been made to automate and develop the manufacturing processes across our Norton manufacturing plants to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to protect our customers and the environment.

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    Through significant brand investment we’ve rejuvenated the Norton Clipper identity, bringing value and consistency across all touch points.
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    Explore our new range of abrasives for hand, machine & floor sanding and cutting-off and grinding.
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    We’ve modernised packaging and machine livery with improved communication of material to cut and quality tier.
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    Whether you need good, better or best performance, Norton Clipper has the solution.
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