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    Primary steel

    From initial steel conditioning and plate grinding to eliminate defects, roll grinding in hot and cold mills and the cutting of steel to size, Norton provides optimum abrasive solutions.
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    Abrasive solutions for heavy grinding, deburring, removal of cracks, shaping and gate removal for parts found in the aerospace, medical and general engineering markets.
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Steel Industry

To meet global supply and demand the steel industry is one that never sleeps, with continuous casting, foundries, mills and fabricators operating around the clock to keep production at a maximum. Norton abrasives for use in initial steel conditioning, cutting and grinding sheets, slabs, billets, bars, rounds, rolls, sheets and tubes have been designed with you in mind and an eye on keeping your productivity levels high and costs low.

The personal safety of workers using abrasive cutting and grinding wheels is a primary concern. All Norton abrasives are manufactured and safety tested in accordance with the most stringent European safety standards, EN12413, ISO and oSa.

Product Feature

Norton Quantum3 ceramic grinding wheels take the next step in optimizing production processes: even higher Material removal rate (MRR), even longer life and even more comfortable to use. And they're causing a stir in industrial markets across the world.

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Norton continually delivers innovative solutions across major industries – from advanced manufacturing systems to hydropower, electronics to construction, and general DIY projects to renovations.