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    Norton Winter provides innovative precision engineering solutions to revolutionise the tools manufacturing process.

Norton WINTER Tools


TRUST NORTON WINTER ONE BRAND, ONE TECHNOLOGY LEADER Norton Winter, the premium brand for diamond and cBN grinding products, is one of the most well established and respected brands in the market. With over 160 years’ experience, Norton Winter offers a performance package designed to generate cost savings through increased productivity, less down time, and better quality.

The tooling industry is one of the most traditional and at the core of the production system of final parts with applications requiring the highest precision and performance. At Norton WINTER we provide innovative precision engineering solutions for cutting, grinding, sharpening of shank tools, blades, knifes and milling tools, all meeting the highest performance and quality demands on the latest state of the art machines.

From day 1, Norton WINTER has stood for quality. From design to delivery, we exact the highest standards at every stage to ensure that we produce only the best products for our customers. Today, our diamond tools are recognised for their exceptional performance and outstanding value for money

Precision Technology - Tool Grinding

To this day, the Norton WINTER philosophy is closely connected to innovation and technical progress in tool grinding. Download our latest brochure today.

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