See the latest masonry saw from Norton Clipper - The CM70 ALU

As the original inventors of the masonry saw over 80 years ago, it’s fair to say that Norton Clipper have had a long time to perfect their original design. With that in mind, we are delighted to introduce the Norton Clipper CM70 ALU; our latest high capacity masonry saw, which has been designed specifically for ease of transportation, comfort, cleanliness, and user safety.

Built to cut

Primarily, the CM70 ALU masonry saw is built for cutting. It features a large, high capacity 570mm x 490mm table and the recommended 700mm Norton Clipper Pro Universal Diamond Blade on its pendular cutting head, which not only powers through large soft building blocks quickly and easily but allows step cutting on higher materials. This saw is ideal for aerated fired clay blocks, aerated concrete blocks, and cellular concrete. The angular cutting guide (also included) will assist where angular shaped blocks are required.

A transportable masonry saw

Despite the Norton Clipper CM70 ALU being a heavy-duty piece of equipment, it has been designed to ensure that this model can be quickly and easily moved around the work site, placed out of the way, or into storage when not being used. This adds to the security of the product and helps prevent it from being stolen.

Its compact design means that it won’t be taking up too much room in the workshop and can comfortably fit into lifts when required at elevated heights. The CM70 ALU features handy transport wheels for improved manoeuvrability and folding legs that are easily and securely locked into place with safety handles when in operation.

A cleaner and more comfortable experience

As safety is a key consideration for any working environment, this masonry saw also incorporates an anti-tipping system on the conveyor that prevents the table from becoming unstable and overturning when in use. The feeling of security that this saw provides to the user, undoubtedly adds to the overall comfort aspect of this model. Wet cutting can oftentimes be a dirty process but the CM70 ALU’s inbuilt back splash carpet helps reduce some of the mess created during operation – hence less time cleaning up afterwards and more time spent actually cutting.

Click to download the CM70 ALU leaflet here