Cutting wall tiles with Norton Clipper

In this video, Kevin Bisson, Technical Account Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, is cutting wall tiles with the Norton Clipper TR202 tile saw and the 200mm Norton Clipper Extreme Ceramic diamond blade.


SGA image


The Norton Clipper TR202 tile saw is a great solution for cutting floor and wall tiles up to 650mm long. A powerful 900W motor and a cable management system along the heavy duty rail ensure smooth cutting action, robust performance and easy maintenance. A fast and precise locking cut guide delivers quick set-up and accurate cutting, whatever the tile. Foldable legs and transport wheels make it extremely portable and easy to store, while a removable water tray offers easy cleaning. The tilting head achieves perfect mitre cuts from 0-45°, with a cutting guide for precise angular cuts.  

Kevin uses the Norton Clipper TR202 tile saw with the Norton Clipper 200mm Extreme Ceramic Turbo diamond blade. The 1.4mm thickness makes it a very fast and accurate blade, while the 10mm segment on the blade gives it a longer life. A high quality finish is achieved with this combination, allowing you to get a perfectly straight cut quickly and easily.  

You need accurate and high quality performance when cutting tiles to deliver the best results for the job. Contact us now or speak to your local sales representatives to find out how we can help you achieve this.