Norton Quantum3 cutting discs are made to slice!


At Norton we listen to our customers. We take on board their feedback and work tirelessly to come up with new solutions that make life easier.  As a result, Norton Quantum3 is the newest innovation in cutting disc technology; a new generation of discs specifically engineered by our highly specialised R&D teams using proprietary ceramic grain and a new bond system. Thanks to this evolution in abrasive science, Norton Quantum3 offers operators three major benefits: 




with reduced hand fatigue from less cutting vibration



with a sharper wheel in two thicknesses for speed and life


with longer wheel life using fewer discs


SGA image
SGA image

Norton Quantum3 is our top tier cutting disc, available in 1.3mm thickness. If you want speed of cut and work on thin or hollow materials, the 1.3mm is the one, it provides speed, comfort and long life beating the competitor ceramic 1,0mm discs. 

If you are cutting thicker materials and life of the disc is important, then the 1.6mm is the disc for the job. No effort, speed and long life! 

Whatever your pick is, experience the extra-smooth cutting action, thanks to our premium ceramic grain.