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Introducing the Norton Clipper Standard Diamond Blade Range

Norton Clipper Standard diamond blades range

Introducing the Norton Clipper Standard Diamond Blade Range

Norton Clipper has expanded its diamond blade offering with the addition of its latest entry level 'Standard' performance tier.

The new ‘Standard’ range is designed for light to medium-duty building, construction and maintenance tasks. The Standard tier provides an inexpensive solution for those who may be working to a budget, or simply have no need for the pricier heavy-duty products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large blotters including material and application images help understand product application instantly.
  • Concise range of blade solutions that are oSa certified giving you great choice and quality of products.
  • Clear and modern packaging which highlights three key applications using three colour codes: CERAMIC, UNIVERSAL (building materials) and BETON (concrete). This gives you a clear overview of product use, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

Our Standard blades are available in three main application sectors:

Standard Ceramic

Designed to cut ceramic, glazed ceramic, porcelain tiles and other similar materials for a quality cut, due to its continuous rim 

Standard Universal

Suitable for universal building materials such as bricks, pavers and building blocks – also available in Universal Turbo for a more aggressive cut on harder materials (ideal for roof tiles)

Standard Beton

Covers tougher materials, such as concrete and reinforced concrete



If you would like more information on the Norton Clipper Standard diamond blades you can contact your local sales representative or alternatively you can contact us here.

Did you know our diamond blades are colour coded so you can match the colour to the cut?

Find the right diamond blade for your application and choose the right performance tier for you.