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YST0457_NC_Web_Banner_V1Hiring Norton Clipper construction equipment just became lean and mean, making it the ideal solution for construction companies. There is no simpler and tougher machine hire than Norton Clipper!


Find out how to hire a Norton Clipper machine

Lean hiring:

  • If you only need a machine for a short period, it’s a cost-effective way to maximise profits.

  • Thanks to Norton Clipper’s robust supply chain, you know hire merchants will have availability, so you can focus on the job and not sourcing equipment.

  • You have the reassurance that if any issues arise, the hire merchant can access Norton Clipper’s wide range of spare parts and excellent after-sales service.

  • You can rely on Norton Clipper machines and their performance so you can get the job done professionally and quickly, all helping to maximise your bottom line.

  • You’re short on cash flow or don’t want large upfront costs from purchasing your own machine.

  • You can try before you buy, to see what machine you prefer.

  • Simple to use with no maintenance and storage costs.


Mean hiring:

  • Excellent build quality that can take the rigours of a worksite, time after time, come as standard.

  • Compliant with all relevant health and safety standards, as well as being thoroughly tested

  • You have the flexibility to choose the most suitable machine for your needs, from a wide range of products, such as masonry saws to power floats.  

  • It’s easy and convenient to source any products you need, as Norton Clipper has over 80 years of experience, backed by nationwide authorised dealers and a vast network of hire merchants.


Top Machines to Hire

Floor Saws


The CS451 floor saw is one of the most popular floor saws for cutting asphalt and concrete. One of the key features is the low vibration handlebars, which makes the cutting experience much more comfortable and reduces the operator's risk of developing HAVS or White Finger.




Masonry Saws


The CM42 masonry saw is a favourite for accurately cutting bricks and pebble dash. One of the key features is the wide conveyor cart and long reinforced frame, which allows the operator to cut a 60 x 60cm slab in two 30cm halves. 





The CST120 Alu masonry saw blends robust design with lightweight construction. The side extension table increases the table's width from 660mm to 1110mm, accommodating larger cutting material.



The CM501 masonry saw is ideal for accurately cutting concrete, tiles, stone and building materials. Key features are the anti-slip surface on the conveyor cart and the double lifting rails for movement with a forklift. 


Power Floats

CT901 HP
CT901 HP

The CT901 HP is ideal for finishing off wet concrete floors. The dead man’s handle and safety guard rings ensure user safety whilst providing the operator with good visibility of the blades at all times.



70184631437 CFP11W Norton Clipper Compactor_217302

The CFP 11W can cover larger areas easily. The 14" sturdy steel plate also includes a wide sprinkler bar to ensure water covers the entire width of the plate, preventing tarmac from sticking.


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Are you looking to hire?

Contact your local hire merchant and ask for Norton Clipper.

Are you still unsure whether to hire or buy? Please read our guide to decide what’s best for you.

For more information, read how Norton Clipper supports the UK construction industry or contact one of our Norton Clipper experts.