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    Whether you are edging, bevelling, drilling or saw cutting, Norton Winter has the answer to all your flat glass needs.
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    Norton Winter provides a range of products from cup wheels to diamond belts, to meet all requirements in the production of transportation glass.
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    From engraving to flat lapping, Norton Winter provides the most innovative products for both automatic and manual machines.
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    Norton Winter has a long standing history in the Optic & Opthalmic industry, with an innovative range of product solutions and specific tools to meet your needs.



Glass is one of the most traditional but high performance material surrounding us every day in our habitats, transportation and medical optics/ophthalmics. With over 100 years’ experience in the industry, Norton Winter offers a full range of abrasive solutions as well as technical and commercial onsite support for the flat glass industry, optics, crystal, solar and many other specialised glass markets.


Norton Winter has a team of people who can visit onsite to provide technical support - complete the contact form today.

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