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  • Norton MeshPower for transporation markets

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    Norton MeshPower provides powerful dust extraction for a cleaner and healthier working environment whilst delivering a better finish for your applications.
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    Norton offers significant expertise in Aerospace applications offering a range of innovative products and technical abrasive solutions.
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    Norton abrasive solutions for cutting and grinding rail track, train manufacture, maintenance and repair and building and refurbishment of stations.
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    Norton offers a complete range of abrasive products for bodywork applications in the nautical industry for production, maintenance, or renovation.
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Transport manufacturers around the world use our specialist industrial abrasive products for a variety of applications. Whether by land, water or air, Europe is on the move and you are the driving force behind advances in technology in the transportation industry.

In aerospace manufacture, we know precision is paramount. That’s why our abrasive tools are engineered to provide meticulous accuracy and superlative performance under the most rigorous conditions. From grinding and shaping critical components from turbine blades and NGVs to edge breaking, de-burring and finishing wings and airframes, Norton abrasives can be relied upon to deliver the highest performance.

On the ground, Norton offers innovation for tomorrow’s vehicle manufacturing; adding value, reducing operational costs and increasing quality and throughput in the production of engine and body components for motorcycles, cars, trucks and trains, and for rail and track maintenance. To meet tomorrows ever increasing demands in reducing carbon dioxide and noise emissions, providing economical but high performance engines, reliability and longer maintenance intervals and lower cost price, Norton offers the highest performance machines and tooling to meet these demanding requirements.

On water, the marine industry relies on our specialist abrasives for nautical bodywork operations during production, maintenance and renovation work in cutting, grinding, de-burring, finishing, polishing and cleaning

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