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  • Norton MeshPower for transporation markets

    Norton MeshPower

    Norton MeshPower provides powerful dust extraction for a cleaner and healthier working environment whilst delivering a better finish to your applications.
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  • AltosX

    Norton AltosX

    Norton boosts grinding productivity to the new level of efficiency.
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  • Rail


    Norton abrasive solutions for cutting and grinding rail track, train manufacture, maintenance and repair and building and refurbishment of stations.
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  • norton waves


    Norton offers a complete range of abrasive products for bodywork applications in the nautical industry for production, maintenance, or renovation.
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Manufacturers around the world trust Norton for specialist industrial abrasives for a wide and diverse range of transportation applications. Whether by land, water or air, Europe is on the move and are the driving force behind advances in technology in the transportation industry.

In the air...

For abrasives used in aerospace, precision is paramount.

It is for that reason that Norton abrasives are engineered to the most meticulous standards; producing an exacting level of accuracy and the highest heights of performance, even under the most rigorous of conditions.

From grinding and shaping critical components from turbine blades, to edge breaking, de-burring and finishing aircraft wings, Norton abrasives can be relied upon to deliver the right abrasive irrespective of the application.

On the ground...

Norton are leading the way with abrasive innovations today that cater tomorrow’s vehicle manufacturing needs. At every stage we seek to add;value to our customer's operation whether it be by reducing operational costs or increasing product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Norton abrasives can be found at every step along the way; from the production of the latest in engine and body components found in motorcycles to trains, to helping meet the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide and noise emissions. Norton are at the cutting edge of technology in transportation.

On the water...

The marine industry relies on our specialist abrasives for nautical bodywork operations during production, maintenance and renovation work in cutting, grinding, de-burring, finishing, polishing and cleaning.

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