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Round Tools Grinding Seminar

Round tools grinding is the grinding process for manufacturing and repairing drills and mills on a 5-axis CNC grinding machine. These tools are produced from a solid cylindrical rod of HSS or tungsten carbide. The required grinding processes range from fluting with very high material removal rates, to sharpening, in which very high accuracies require good knowledge in wheel preparation and parameter selection to achieve best quality production.

The aim of the seminar is to improve the fundamental understanding of the grinding process which enables you to respond more effectively to day-to-day challenges in grinding applications. The seminar will give an in-depth insight starting from the grinding tools preparation, look into the relevant process parameters during grinding, and presenting methods of troubleshooting to further improve the final quality of the products.

The seminar is taking place at Saint-Gobain's Grinding Technology Centre EUROPE which is the focus of all local research and development activities for the optimisation of tools and grinding processes.


The participation fee excluding accommodation is 740 EUR, excluding VAT

The fee of a seminar includes detailed seminar documentation, lunch, refreshments and evening event but not the cost of accommodation.

After receipt of your registration, we will forward to you a confirmation as well as further information about the event as well as a recommendation for the accommodation. In case of cancellation up to 14 days prior to the seminar a handling fee of EUR 50, will be charged. Cancellation within 14 days prior to the seminar 50 % of the registration fee will be charged.

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Seminars on demand

Do you have a requirement for in-house training at Saint-Gobain's Grinding Technology Centre Europe? Send a short email to with your training requirements, your preferred date and an indication of the planned number of participants and we will gladly see if we can offer this training for you in house.