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2018 Norton Industrial catalogue

Norton Industrial Catalogue 2018

**Update: The 2019 Norton Industrial Catalogue is now available**

The latest Norton Abrasives Industrial catalogue, updated for 2018, is now available. It’s been extensively refined so that it’s more focused, clearer and covers fewer pages to help you find what you’re looking for at a glance.

With so many products on offer, we understand that the Norton Industrial catalogue hasn’t always made it easy for you to find the products you need. So we listened to your feedback and reduced the page volume by 30% to ensure that you can get to the right product with as little effort as possible. 

To achieve this, we’ve rationalised our product range and reviewed our good, better and best tiering to simplify our solutions; it’s easier than ever before to select the one that matches your requirements. We’ve also restructured the layout based on product and application so that you can quickly and simply reach the section you need. If you’re looking for cutting off and grinding wheels, you may appreciate our new market-focused structure, making it clearer which product is right for each application. We’ve also included more information across the board so you can understand the benefits of each product when making your choice.

We’ve also brought in new offerings to further strengthen our product portfolio and offer you more complete solutions. All new products have been clearly highlighted throughout the catalogue, such as our latest innovation for grinding and cutting, Norton Quantum3 Ultra-Thin Grinding Wheels or our new mini angle grinders , perfect for hard to reach areas, so you can easily see if there’s a new innovation that could benefit your operation. 

What’s more, all standard (MTS) products have been clearly separated from our made to order (MTO) varieties, which are now displayed in clear tables, so you know exactly what you’re choosing without any confusion.

The Norton Industrial catalogue, along with the rest of our product catalogues, can be viewed online or downloaded today – just visit our Literature section to find what you need.