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The Electric Handheld Cut-Off Saw from Norton Clipper


Introducing the handheld cut-off saw from Norton Clipper – the CE414 350. Norton Clipper’s range of cut-off saws are held in high regard by industry professionals for their long-life, low maintenance and user-friendly design. The newest addition to the range is certainly no exception and better still, it’s electric.

An Emission-Free Saw

With the world firmly focussed on ways in which to reduce environmentally harmful emissions and with regulations trending towards the reduction of noise and pollution for construction equipment; the CE414 350 cut-off saw answers that need.

The model is fully electric and therefore no harmful emissions will be released into the air (or into the operator’s lungs) with its use.

This feature also makes the saw ideal for indoor use; especially when combined with the Norton Clipper CV360 dust extractor, giving the cleanest possible experience to the operator.

Better still, there is no requirement to refill it with fuel or 2-stroke oil or replace the oil filters, thereby offering clear cost saving benefit to this saw.

Powerful Performance

Weighing in at a shade over 10kg, the compact CE414 saw is constructed with a robust aluminium motor housing.

Below the surface sits the powerful electric motor that is built to last and will generate 3.1kW (4.2 HP) of power, which in turns produces 3,600min-1 RPM for fast and effective cutting – ultimately achieving a cut depth of up to 127mm.

The electric motor is also comparatively low-maintenance vs. its petrol powered counterparts, which reduces any potential equipment downtime for servicing and increases the overall longevity of the machine.

In turn, these aspects make the CE414 a good fit for any rental businesses looking for a reliable yet high performance cut off saw.

User-Friendly Design

The CE414 offers stable starting that translates into a smoother and more controlled experience for the operator.

Plus, the easy to use water access system and optional blade guard vacuum means that whether it be a wet or dry application, this saw has you covered.

Which blade should you use?

This particular model requires a 350mm (14”) diamond blade and we recommend two blades as the perfect partner to the CE414.

1. The 350mm Norton Clipper Pro Beton Silencio Diamond Blade


Cutting Washed Concrete Blade Comparison

Conventional 350mm blade

Norton Clipper Pro Universal Silencio 350mm blade


This 350mm sized blade was developed specifically with the CE414 350 electric cut off saw in mind, making it the perfect partner to this machine. This blade is new to the Norton Clipper range and suitable for use on reinforced concrete and general building materials.

The Silencio range of blades are designed to keep noise pollution to a minimum, (with up to a 30% noise reduction compared to a standard blade) without any loss in performance compared to other blades.

This makes the combination of the Silencio blade and CE414 the ideal choice for working environments where noise is of particular concern – schools, hospitals, and residential areas for example.

2. The 350mm Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade

A high quality diamond blade rated as ‘better’ in our grading system. For use on concrete slabs and general purpose building materials, this blade offers a great match to the CE414 350.


*Please Note - This product is subject to availability and may not be available in your country. Please contact Nortom via our web form to confirm.