European Rail Maintenance back on track

European Rail Maintenance back on track


The European Commission has announced 2021 as the European Year of Rail. The initiative aims to raise awareness of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport. Even though the COVID-19 has severely hit the sector, it will play a significant role in sustainable recovery from the current crisis.

Green mobility

In the EU transport represents more than 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Still, rail is responsible only for less than 0.5% of it and is one of the most ecofriendly forms of transport.

The European Commission's Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy highlights rail's role in the transition towards clean and smart mobility and sets the milestones, such as doubling rail freight and tripling high-speed rail activity by 2050.

The main challenges for creating a modern and sustainable European railway are high maintenance costs and the modernization of the existing infrastructure.

With so many new potential projects on the horizon, rail companies need to have access to tailored building and maintenance tools. While often an under-considered expenditure, choosing the right cutting and grinding tools for rail projects can help grow margins by driving down costs and increasing productivity.


Norton expertise in rail cutting and repair

Qunatum3 Rail


Norton offers a complete range of powerful, innovative, user friendly solutions to cut, shape and grind rail, tram, and subway tracks.

Our best-in-class Rail cutting discs have been formulated with the exclusive Norton Quantum3 ceramic grain and advanced bond combination to cut through any rail track quicker, with more cuts and fewer vibrations than any competing product on the market. 

With the Norton Rail range, operators can complete repair jobs safely and efficiently to meet often critical deadlines. 

Track grinding is another key application in preserving and repairing rail tracks. Norton organic bonded wheels and cups cover a wide range of grinding needs, offering performance solutions for both portable hand-held and track mounted machines, allowing operators to increase productivity and grind rails quickly and safely.

In order to improve the rail environment, we are constantly innovating to bring the best solutions to meet the needs of the industry. Our products are designed to support rail development as one of the cleanest and healthiest means of transport.


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