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Key Product Reference Guide 2018

Norton Clipper Construction Machines & Diamond Blades Guide

This guide has been created for customers to be able to quickly and easily search for Norton Clipper diamond blades and construction machines. 

Norton Clipper provides a one-stop shop for all cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding jobs within the building and industrial construction markets.


Product Solutions to Meet Every Application

In this guide you will be able to find a selection of diamond blades that consist of concrete and reinforced concrete, multi materials, general building materials, ceramic and porcelain tiles and asphalt diamond blades.

From residential to large scale ventures, Norton Clipper provides the safest and highest performing construction machines to suit any application. These range from tile saws, masonry saws, floor saws, handheld saws and power floats.


Quick & Easy Diamond Blade Product Selection

You are able to select the right diamond blade for your material as the range contains a clear material that is colour coded for the different applications. Identifying exactly what you need has been made easier. 


Merchandising Solutions

We have new Norton Clipper branded display stands that are available with a range of components to help with merchandising requirements. These include stands, CDU’s, bus stops and other POS that will help you to promote the products.


There is a variety of bespoke point of sale graphics that are also available which are designed to inform, educate and help the tradesman select the most appropriate product for their job quickly and easily, whilst encouraging repeat purchase. These can also be tailored to customer requirements.


We have recently updated our Spare Parts website to further improve your experience when using and maintaining Norton Clipper machines. Visit it here:


For the full range of catalogues check out our literature section.


If you would like further information or on our full range of diamond blades and Norton Clipper machines, prices of the products listed in the Key Product Reference Guide or if you can’t find what you’re looking for please do get in contact with your local customer service representative or contact us here.