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Mini Angle Grinder and R983 REDHEAT Quick Change Discs

Mini Angle Grinder and R983 REDHEAT Quick Change Discs

Norton is proud to announce the launch of our new mini angle grinder and R983 quick change discs – our latest innovations for grinding tricky areas to increase productivity in a wide variety of industries.

R983 REDHEAT quick change discs

Perfect for use with our new mini angle grinder, these high performance ceramic speedlok discs feature a new advanced grain formulation and improved backing for faster cut rate and longer life. The disc offers optimum resistance to wear with sharp cutting capabilities to prevent premature dulling and save time as you don’t have to change discs so often. The laminate free speedlok discs also allow additional flexibility so you can get into complex shapes and contours. 

The R983 REDHEAT quick change discs require less pressure to achieve the same results on mild carbon steel, ferrous metals and cast iron applications as a result of the enhanced grain/bond adhesion, achieving a cooler cut. They’re also easier on you – a vital consideration in every job. 

The black colour ensures the product is more environmentally stable as there are no dyes, and it eliminates any potential for colour transfer, so you can get the job right first time. 


Mini angle grinder

Norton now offers a new pneumatic mini angle grinder for 50mm speedlok discs. This petite tool is ideal for deburring, sanding, blending and finishing, and is particularly suited for the metal fabrication, welding, transportation and aerospace industries. It’s small and compact enough to get to those hard-to-reach areas, but powerful enough to finish the job fast and efficiently.

Health and safety features at the heart of the design. The double-bearing spindle lessens vibrations, allowing for longer use and finer finishes. In addition, the ergonomic and streamlined non-slip grip offers you better tool handling and reduces fatigue when you’re using it. 

You can also quickly change out sanding discs and finishing abrasives, whether you want coated sanding discs in Best, Better and Good tiers, or non-woven discs in Better and Good, to save time and increase productivity.

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