Need a smooth concrete floor? Try our Latest Power Float

Float like a butterfly, finish like a pro with the latest addition to the Norton Clipper range. The CT901HP power float is the durable heavyweight of choice to help you deliver ‘knockout’ smooth concrete.

Finishing a Concrete Floor

Before a concrete floor can be used, it needs to be smoothed and finished.

This can be a large or small scale job depending on how big the coverage area is! In the commercial setting, getting smooth concrete in areas larger than 5000 square feet (such as large warehouses, car parks, and airports) requires some heavy-duty machinery – with ride on power trowels/ power floats accommodating that need.


However, for the contractor, it is likely that residential floors, basements, offices and smaller supermarkets are going to make up the bulk of their work.

In these cases, a walk-behind power float (such as the CT901HP) should be the tool of choice.

When finishing a concrete floor, a power float (sometimes known as a mechanical trowel) is used to ‘float’ over the newly laid wet concrete.


This is done to flatten out any outstanding lumps and concurrently fill any indentations in the concrete; gradually levelling the surface, compacting it and bringing the cement element to the surface.

After the initial pass is complete, a second stage of concrete finishing takes place – this is known as Crossover Floating.

This process further levels out the surface, leaving you with hard, smooth concrete.

Our Latest Concrete Finishing Tool

The CT901 HP is a 4 blade walk behind power float, specifically designed for professional contractors who are finishing wet concrete floors in both residential and commercial buildings.


As with all Norton Clipper products, this machine is manufactured using only the highest quality components and to impeccable standards of assembly.

This ensures that the CT901 HP benefits from a long life and a minimal requirement for maintenance, thus the product lifetime costs are low.


Most notably, this machine also features hydraulic pitch control for the blades, which affords the operator a greater level of control than mechanical pitch systems and helps to achieve a perfect surface finish.

CT 901 HP Power Float

Safety Assured

With the CT901HP, great performance comes as standard but with the inclusion of the Deadman’s Handle, operator safety is also assured.

The mechanism ensures that one of the operator’s hands must be on the handle to make the machine work; if the operator releases their hand, the CT901HP immediately stops.

safety guard rings on power float

As such, this product is ideal for customers who are directed by strict Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations onsite or in the workplace.


These factors, alongside the machine’s ease of use, would also make it a sensible inclusion into hire/rental product portfolio.

In addition, the robust steel frame and safety guard rings on this machine prevent any accidental contact between the user and the blades.


At the same time, the rings have been configured to guarantee the best possible visibility of the concrete surface at all times and the mechanical blades also have a pitch control function to help improve overall accuracy.

These features all work to give the operator more control over their work and produce the ultimate smooth concrete finish.


Product Details

Model CT901 HP
Item n° 70184602675
EAN 13 Code 5450248736394
Finishing blades included 310403132
Power source/Power kW (Hp) Petrol / 4,8kW (6,5Hp)
Motor type Honda GX200
ø Blade (rotation clockwise) 900mm
Guard ring diameter 950mm
Distance to wall 25mm
Pitch control Hydraulic
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1980 x 950 x 1060mm
Weight 81kg

More information

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