The New A293 Sanding Disc

A newly developed versatile range of sanding discs from Norton, ideal for sanding materials such as composites, paint and wood. As such, A293 represents a highly cost effective option for applications in the automotive aftermarket, marine, and wood markets.

Key Features and Benefits of A293

Light and flexible paper backing

The robust and tear resistant backing material facilitates significant material removal in coarser jobs. The backing helps deliver a consistent scratch pattern and with a smooth surface finish in fine finishing applications.

No-Fil stearate treatment

Reduces clogging and dust build-up in all sanding applications, subsequently extending the life of the disc and providing a smooth finish.

Optimal price vs. performance ratio

With its premium Aluminium Oxide grain, these sanding discs offer excellent value-for-money, with high standards of performance at a relatively low cost. Perfect for projects where abrasive cost is the primary concern.

Sanding disc A293


For best results use with the 150mm Norton back-up pad on an orbital sanding machine.


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