New Norton Bluefire belts

New Bluefire R985 Belts from Norton

New Norton Bluefire R895 belts: fired up and ready to go!

For years Norton’s zirconia grain belts have been a staple in many markets, providing reliable and efficient results in engineered, aerospace and metal fabrication industries. Now, the new Norton Bluefire range of zirconia belts has even more to offer, delivering improved quality, longer life, more material removal and speed of cut. The new range has optimised grain coverage and improved sharpness with micro-fracturing technology, giving you longer life and a more efficient product.


The Bluefire Benefits:

Improved grain
The new microfracturing grain provides a better cut rate and longer life in demanding applications, with optimised grain coverage for consistently good results, every time. 
Strong backing
The heavy polyester backing provides high material removal in demanding applications, without snagging or tearing in even the toughest of situations.
A size and grit for everyone
With a full range of both made to stock and made to order sizes available, there's a solution for every machine requirement offering a fully grit range from P24 up to P220



The Bluefire zirconia belts have been developed for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, like aluminium. 
Bluefire has been tried and tested in internal and external case studies,  delivering excellent results: 
  • Longer belt life
  • More material removal
  • Faster processing
  • Less changeovers
  • Less labour time
  • More efficiency


Contact your local Norton representative to try out the new Bluefire range today!