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New cutting off wheel packaging hits the shelves

Our best-selling Norton cutting off wheels are now available in handy tubs. This new robust packaging provides the ultimate protection for our products with no breakage in transit and no cracking, tearing or water damage. The colourful tubs are a lot more eye-catching, helping you to spot them on the shelf, as well as being easier to carry once purchased.


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Protect. Serve. Shine.
In 2017 we introduced plastic tubs to pack some of our high-performance cutting wheels and have now extended this out to all of our best-selling cutting wheels. Our new plastic tubs are extremely practical and come in two sizes, depending on your stock needs. Our large tubs can carry 100 cutting wheels and the mini tubs hold around 25. The tubs will replace the regular cardboard packaging, which has many disadvantages as it can be easily damaged – often in transit – and is sensitive to moisture, which can result in you receiving defective wheels.
The new tubs offer solid protection to our cutting wheels. They’re water-resistant to protect the wheels during transportation from rain or humidity and any spills that may occur in the workshop. Fully sealed when they arrive, the tubs can be easily resealed after opening to ensure you maintain the quality of your wheels while they’re in storage. The easy opening functionality saves you time during wheel changeovers, as well as keeping your wheels organised. They’re also tamper resistant and it’s clear if they have been previously opened so you can be sure you’re receiving brand new wheels.
Environmental impact
The tubs offer a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging solutions. We know that all packaging can be detrimental to the environment and there may be concerns around the move to plastic from cardboard. However, studies have found that cardboard, while easy to recycle, generates a significant carbon footprint in its production, from pulping to printing. We’re committed to protecting the environment, that’s why our tubs are are fully recyclable. We also encourage you to reuse your tubs in the workshop once you’ve used all of the cutting wheels to contribute to the circular economy.
Environmental impact of tubs
For more information on our range of cutting wheels, contact us or speak with your local sales representative.