NEW Norton Clipper Extreme Gres Diamond Blades

Norton Clipper Extreme Gres Diamond Blades: The Best Tool for Cutting Hard and Thick Tiles


Tile cutting can be a challenging task even for professional tilers, particularly when it comes to hard and thick tiles. Conventional diamond blades are not designed to handle the demands of cutting these types of tiles, making the job more time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, Norton Clipper has introduced a new innovation in tile cutting technology that is designed to make the job easier and more efficient. The Norton Clipper Extreme Gres blade is a game-changer in the world of tile cutting, offering unparalleled performance for even the toughest of tiles.

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The Norton clipper Extreme Gres blade is specially developed to handle hard and thick tiles up to 3cm deep. It is the perfect tool for professional tilers who are looking to work faster and more efficiently. The Extreme Gres blade showcases the latest evolution in Norton Clipper's patented iHD technology, which features porous segments that maintain a fast and efficient cut rate throughout the entire life of the blade. 


One of the key features of the Norton Clipper Extreme Gres blade is its 15mm high segments that are conically shaped with extra narrow gullets. This unique design not only ensures a fast cut rate, but also an extremely long blade life with no need for re-sharpening. The blade maintains its efficiency and cutting speed throughout its entire lifespan, making it a valuable investment for any professional tiler. 

8x less noise

the new Norton Clipper Extreme Gres is also available under our Silencio technology. The Extreme Gres Silencio has all the same performance benefits, but with 8x less noise generated when working. This is a huge benefit for professional tilers who work in areas where noise is a concern. The Extreme Gres Silencio is designed to reduce noise pollution and minimize disturbance to others, making it the perfect tool for working in residential areas, hospitals, schools and other noise sensitive environments. 

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