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New Norton Guide to Abrasives for Welding Applications: available now!

Abrasive Solutions for Welding: With you every step of the way

Norton have teamed up with industry experts to bring you the new Norton Guide to Abrasives for Welding Applications. 

Whether you're an experienced user or an occasional beginner, we've got product recommendations to suit every common step  in the welding preparation and finishing process for Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminium. 


Together with industry experts, we've handpicked the best products from the Norton range to showcase our recommendations for every step, from cutting, bevelling, cleaning, weld removal and refining right through to high quality finishing. Using our technical expertise and experience gained over many years of manufacturing and selling the full range of products for the metal fabrication market, we're here to help you understand the best solution for every stage of the process.  Front Cover
Application Guide



HOw to Use We've covered solutions for every common machine in the market, from the standard right angle grinder right through to mini grinders, die grinders and specialities. Our experts have curated a concise range of Norton abrasives for each application, displayed in this handy guide with easy-to-use colour coding. 



Download the guide today to see the full range!