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New Norton mixing cups now available

Norton Paint System new mixing cups

As of April 2018, our leading Norton Paint System has been extended with the launch of four new sizes of mixing cups as part of our collision repair range, making it even easier to prepare and store your coatings in the body shop.

Four additional sizes are now available so you can choose the volume that best suits the job you’re working on:




Our disposable pre-printed plastic mixing cups are ideal for paint preparation and storage of all coatings. The mixing cups are printed with several different mixing ratios, allowing you to achieve the exact measurements, whatever your project. The high resistance cups offer flexibility in the body shop and also come with base feet which protect against cold transfer during mixing, ensuring you deliver the best finish.

The mixing cups form part of our Norton Paint System (NPS), the most effective and productive solution for preparing, mixing and spraying paints. Providing a faster and cleaner solution, the NPS saves you time as there’s no need for cleaning or using solvents as you can easily dispose of the parts when you’re done.

With the system, you can store and reuse paint – avoiding waste and saving you money. You can also paint in all positions, even upside down – without any risk of a leak – giving you greater flexibility on tricky jobs and offering health and safety benefits in the body shop. The easy to assemble system ensures a consistent spray pattern, convenient storage of paint as well as easy and clean disposal of the entire unit. A complete range of products and accessories is also available, including kits, paint strainers, mixing bars, cleaning brushes, overalls, dispensers and adaptors.


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