At Norton, we’re pleased to bring you a new range of professional quality abrasive stones ideal for blade repair and maintenance tasks such as redressing and removal of notches and scratches, to sharpening and polishing blades for a mirror finish.

The range is ideal for transforming dull blades to strong and razor sharp tools that last a lifetime.

Knives are one of the most important and commonly used tools in the kitchen. Often expensive, it’s important to maintain their sharp cutting edge to avoid blades becoming dull, which can harbour bacteria and be dangerous to use.

This premium range consists of eight products; a diamond sharpening stone, three dual-grit whetstones, a dual knife sharpener, sharpening guide, sharpening rod and an anti-slip mat, so there’s a sharpening solution for a variety of blade types from a kitchen knife to a premium Japanese chef knife!

The range is complemented by easy to understand packaging which features clear imagery and instructions enabling even novice users to choose the most suitable product. The packaging also includes a QR code which links to ‘how-to’ videos to show how to safely use the tools to achieve the best results.

This new range does more than sharpen knives, the different types of abrasives can be used for a variety of tasks such as redressing and removal of notches and scratches, to polishing blades to a mirror finish.

Whether it’s a utility knife or meat cleaver, the dual-grit whetstones can be used with many different blades and are available in a variety of grits for a number of jobs. The range offers a full solution for redressing damaged tools, sharpening, finishing, and polishing, depending on the grit of the stone.


Before use, the whetstones should be submerged in water to ensure the sharpening action is smooth. There’s no need to buy expensive oils with these stones, as the water lubricates the stones. During use, the whetstones require minimal pressure and within minutes there is a noticeable improvement of the blade. All Norton whetstones feature a non-slip base which avoids movement during sharpening and maximises safety for the user. The packaging is colour-coded by grit to make selection quick and easy.

A knife sharpening guide is also part of the range and is a simple way to keep the sharpening angle of the blade consistent on the whetstone. For additional support, the Norton non-slip silicone mat has a honeycomb structure which secures the whetstone further and is a safer option compared to using the whetstone directly on a chopping board. The anti-slip mat can easily be rolled up and stored in a kitchen drawer for added convenience. 




Article No.

Whetstone 240/1000

Redress blade and erase imperfections


Whetstone 1000/3000

Sharpening and light polishing dull blades


Whetstone 3000/8000

Refine blade to mirror finish polish


Dual Diamond Stone

Sharpening and polishing action dependent

on pressure exerted. Suitable for ceramic blades.


Dual Knife Sharpener

Precision sharpening of ceramic and diamond blades. Suitable for all metal blades.


Knife Sharpening Guide

To guide and secure the blade while sharpening


Sharpening Rod

Honing and general blade sharpening. Ideal for long blades


Anti-Slip Silicone Mat

Provides additional safety when using a whetstone


For straightforward sharpening of a blunt knife, the diamond stone and dual knife sharpener are both compatible metal and ceramic knives. Both feature a non-slip base for extra safety and the dual knife sharpener has a control switch to change the sharpening angle according to each blade type, ‘V’or ‘U’. To complete the range, a nickel-plated sharpening rod is available, ideal for traditional sharpening and honing steel blades. The rod is an ideal solution for long blades.

“This range provides a great alternative to existing solutions in the market as the products have been designed with the user in mind at all stages. Safety is a key aspect of this range and all of our products include features which maximise safety during use such as non-slip bases and protection rings on handles. Our solutions provide exceptional results and thanks to our ‘how-to’ videos and easy to understand packaging, the range is suitable for all expertise levels.” Explains Kevin Lecat, Product Manager, DIY at Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA.


For further details of the range, click below to download the flyer.


For more information about Norton’s latest range of sharpening tools, contact your local Norton representative.