New X-Treme R860 Flap Discs from Norton

The new range of X-Tremely effective flap discs

X-Treme R860 Flap Discs from Norton

The new X-Treme R860 flap disc offers a high-end zirconia solution designed to reduce process costs through more aggressive cutting, improved quality, longer life and higher material removal. Whether it is grinding down to bare metal, removing burrs and cutting edges, or preparing or removing welds, X-Treme has significant advantages over its equivalents.

The X-Treme R860 Benefits:

Aggressive cut&metal removal        

Aggressive zirconia grain provides an impressive initial cutting rate, especially with coarse grain sizes. 
More abrasive grains loaded into each wheel result in higher performance.

Longer disc life

Lower disc wear means longer grinding time without loss of cut during the entire disc lifetime. Fewer disc changes are required during the application process, which saves time and money for the end-user and produces less waste due to reduced CO2 emissions ( transportation).

Heavy duty applications

Strong polyester cloth and a reinforced fibreglass backing make the disc ideal for heavy-duty grinding.
X-Treme withstands high pressure, even on edges and removes up to 2x more material.

X-Treme R860 Flap Disc has been tried and tested in internal and external case studies, delivering excellent results:


  • Longer disc life

  • High material removal

  • Finer finish

  • Faster processing




  • Fewer changeovers

  • Less labour time

  • More efficienxtreme flapcy

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