Abrasive solutions for cordless angle grinders

No cord, all the power!

Your guide to the best abrasive solutions for battery powered angle grinders. 

Tired of running out of battery? Not getting value for money from your angle grinder? You may be choosing the wrong abrasive. Look no further! 

Norton has put together a useful guide to help you choose the right abrasive products for your battery-operated tool. 


Abrasive Solutions for Cordless Angle Grinders

Together with industry experts, we've tried and tested discs for every application, from cutting and grinding to blending and refining. Helping you work faster, save money and work more productively. The result...Abrasive Solutions for Cordless Angle Ginders. 

Products are sorted into three main benefit groups. Whether you're out all day and want to make your battery last as long as possible, or you just want to get the job done quickly, we've got a product for you. With a handy pictogram guide, each product inside the brochure will help you get the most out of every application. 

Battery Saving

Maximise your battery, with products selected and proven to extend the runtime on your cordless grinder. 


Long Life 

Whether it's more cuts, or more metal removal, get more for your money, with a selection of abrasives for your machine chosen for their long life. 


Fast Action

Work faster not harder, with our selected abrasives designed to get the job done quickly in any battery-powered grinding process. 


Download the guide today to see the full range!