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Norton Abrasives Launches New Gear Platform

Norton Xtrimium

We’re delighted to announce the introduction of the new platform for gear solutions, Norton Xtrimium. We’re removing a range of sub-brands to streamline our product offering, making it easier for you to choose the right tool, whatever your needs. We’ve also expanded the gear range with a new dual-worm grinding product to further enhance our capabilities in the gear grinding market and support you in the delivery of the latest gearboxes for the automotive market.

Our new name, Norton Xtrimium, reinforces the value of our wheels; perfect for extreme environments where high performance is vital. We continue to offer products for worm, bevel, profile grinding or honing, now under one single platform. This means we have replaced the individual Norton brands ALTOS, ALTOS IPX, QUANTUM, QUANTUMX, VITRIUM3 and VORTEX2 with Norton Xtrimium branded products for the different operations within the gear grinding process. You can now choose the right product for your application, not just which grain you require, from a simplified range without losing any capabilities. 

Norton Xtrimium also offers a new dual worm grinding product, which combines a vitrified section to grind, and a fine grit section to polish the teeth of the gear, delivering an improved surface finish quality and reducing gear noise. This is especially useful in the production of the latest gearbox innovation, which is increasingly used in new cars to ensure a quieter and smoother drive. Only a dual wheel can achieve these new tolerances.

Commenting on the launch, Amandine Martin, Worldwide Gear Platform Leader, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, “The Norton Xtrimium platform simplifies our current gear product portfolio, offering one single brand for all of our solutions for the gear market. The range of products and their quality will not change; our products will still deliver the same great results in extreme applications in the gear grinding industry – it will just be easier to choose the right product for the job.” 

For more information about the products available, speak to your local Norton representative or download our flyer. 


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