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The Norton Clipper Band Saw Range Has Been Extended


Norton Clipper have extended their band saw range with the additions of the CB311 and CB651 models to complement the greatly successful CB511.

The Norton Clipper CB311 - The smallest and safest band saw in the range

Specifically designed for dry cutting of light construction blocks such as those made from aerated fire clay and aerated concrete, the hallmark of this band saw is the blend of enhanced performance, outstanding reliability and stalwart sturdiness.

This stability of the CB311 is derived from the stabilised feet, which have been specially created to enhance the operator’s comfort when standing on uneven ground.

Compact band saw CB311


Good things come in small packages

The CB311 is smallest band saw in the Norton Clipper range. Its ergonomic design integrates a galvanised folding table so it can be tidied away into a relatively small space when it’s not being used and, is easily moved into place when required.

Unlike other band saws, the CB311 is compact enough can fit comfortably into most lifts when working at height, can fit through standard door openings, and be transported in a van when required.

This band saw does come with a 2950mm CB311 Norton Extreme Band, so you will be able to begin precision cutting straight out of the box.

The Deadman’s Handle

The feature that makes this band saw the safest in the Norton Clipper range and one that differentiates it from lower quality models on the market, is the duel deadman’s handle.

This feature means that both of the operator’s hands must be on the handle to make the machine work. If the operator releases 1 (or both) hand(s), the band stops. This aspect of the CB311 makes it extremely safe to use and is therefore ideal for customers who are required to adhere to strict Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations in their workplace.

The New Norton Clipper CB615 – For cutting depths of up to 645mm

Like the CB311, the CB615 Norton Clipper band saw is intended for the dry cutting of light construction blocks.

It features a galvanised folding table that offers long life, ease of storage and sturdiness. As with all Norton Clipper band saws, very little maintenance is required beyond general cleaning; the product’s reliability is a key benefit.

Norton Clipper Band Saw CB511

Big performance, easy to manoeuvre

Featuring a lift ring, double lifting rails and wheels at the base, both the CB615 and CB511 are easy to move whenever required. Lifting by crane, by forklift or even by hand are all possible.

Safe and Clean

As safety is at the heart of this range and the CB511 and CB615 models each have a built-in safety switch that stops the blade at the end of each cut, thereby reducing the possibility of an accident and ultimately keeping operator safe.

To ensure the working area is kept clean and with as little dust as possible, both models feature an integrated dust outlet which can be readily connected to an existing dust extractor such as the Norton Clipper CV360 dust extractor – the ideal partner to the band saw range.

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