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Norton Clipper Expands Coated Abrasive Range with Multi-Sander Shapes

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Norton Clipper has added a new range of Multi-Sander sheets, in different shapes, to their coated abrasive range.

You no longer need to worry about wasting time swapping between orbital and palm sanders when sanding! The Multi-Sander shape range includes detail self-gripping sanding sheets for quick and easy sheet changing on the same machine. This makes it extremely versatile, for applications from sanding to fine finishing on wood, paint, and metal.

Versatile multi-sander sheets

Multi-Sander bannerThe multi-sander sheets contain Aluminium Oxide which is well adapted for different applications. This makes the sanding sheets ideal for multi-purpose applications found in common building and construction jobs. The range fits all brands of detail sander, which makes it an easy-to-use and convenient solution for end-users.             

These multi-sander sheets are perfect for demanding and detailed sanding jobs on corners and hard-to-reach areas, such as sanding window frames.

The new addition to Norton Clipper’s coated abrasive range has been engineered with cutting-edge abrasive technology and a tough paper backing. This ensures it performs to a high standard to meet the needs of the most demanding sanding jobs.

The range

There are eight products in total, available in two dimensions:

  • 93x135mm
  • 105x175mm

The range consists of pre-packed quantities of five sheets, which reduces waste on-site. It is available in grits, ranging from an extra coarse 40 to an extra-fine 180. 


Code Description Grain Dimensions
78072719947 SHO SOS 93x135 G131F NOR P40 VL1 5MULT 1+ 40 93X135
78072719950 SHO SOS 93x135 G131F NOR P80 VL1 5MULT + 80 93X135
78072719951 SHO SOS 93x135 G131F NOR P120 VL1 5MULT + 120 93X135
78072719953 SHO SOS 93x135 G131F NOR P180 VL1 5MULT + 180 93X135
78072719940 SHO SOS 105x175 G131F NOR P40 VL1 5MULT + 40 105X175
78072719941 SHO SOS 105x175 G131F NOR P80 VL1 5MULT + 80 105X175
78072719943 SHO SOS 105x175 G131F NOR P120 VL1 5MULT + 120 105X175
78072719946 SHO SOS 105x175 G131F NOR P180 VL1 5MULT + 180 105X175


Do you know what grit you need?

Check out choosing the right sandpaper article to find the right grit size for your application. Visit the Building & Construction page to find out more how-to tips and news. 

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