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Norton Clipper Expands New ‘Standard’ Range

Following the success of the Norton Clipper Standard diamond blade launch in 2020, the range has been expanded to include cutting and grinding wheels to meet customer demand.

Norton Clipper Standard thin wheelThe Standard range of cutting and grinding wheels are part of Norton Clipper’s entry-level quality tier, which provide users with a concise and competitive range of cutting and grinding solutions in terms of quality and price.

As part of the range expansion, Norton Clipper have introduced 11 cutting and grinding wheels, ranging from 115mm to 230mm in diameter, that are dedicated to cutting and grinding metal applications.

Benjamin Drianno, BM Channel Manager for Saint-Gobain Abrasives said, “We pride ourselves at Norton Clipper for providing safe, high quality construction blades that are suitable for cutting the most common surfaces and this Standard range is a true testament to this. The Standard range ensures we remain competitive in the market without compromising on quality or range offering. Our aim is to continue to offer solutions across multiple product groups and application types in the abrasive world to ensure that we can meet the full needs of end users”.

Sizes available:

Article Number Description
66252848871 A60R-115x1.0x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848872 A46R-115x1.6x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848873 A60R-125x1.0x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848874 A46R-125x1.6x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848875 A46R-230x1.9x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848876 A30R-115x2.5x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848877 A30R-125x2.5x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848878 A30R-230x2.5x22.23-T41 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848879 A24Q-115x6.0x22.23-T27 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848880 A24Q-125x6.0x22.23-T27 NOR-CLIPPER STD
66252848881 A24Q-230x6.0x22.23-T27 NOR-CLIPPER STD



If you would like more information on the Norton Clipper Standard range you can contact your local sales representative or alternatively you can contact us here. Please check availability in your country with your local Norton Clipper sales representative.