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Norton Clipper launches new Extreme CG Comfort cup

Norton Clipper cup grinders

Our latest innovation in the Norton Clipper diamond tool range is the new Extreme CG Comfort cup grinder. Specifically developed to lower vibration levels and minimise the risk of hand-arm vibrations (HAVS), operator comfort is maximised to ensure compliance with the highest health and safety standards, while still delivering fast and efficient material removal rates.
It’s becoming more important than ever before to reduce vibrations and prioritise operator safety. Companies must reduce ‘trigger time’ to protect operators from ‘white finger’ disorders that result from the HAVS many manual workers are exposed to. Saint-Gobain Abrasives strives to improve operator safety in all applications and so the Norton Clipper Extreme CG Comfort cup has been designed to reduce vibrations by up to four times compared to traditional grinding methods thanks to a rubber sealing around the cup, which absorbs the vibrations before they reach the operator’s hands. As well as protecting operators, it also means that productivity is increased as they can continue working for longer.
The cup has been developed with our i-HDTM (Infiltrated High Density) technology. This works by providing a uniform density across each segment without the need for high pressure, further enhancing operator comfort. A special bond impregnates the core structure and binds the diamond grit to the segment, forming an integral part and delivering higher resistance and homogeneity. Cups engineered with i-HD technology also achieve higher material removal rates and longer life, with increased safety, than standard cups.
The Extreme CG Comfort forms part of our ‘best’ range for use on building material, concrete, natural stones and abrasive materials. The new and unique segment design offers auto-sharpening, delivering optimal removal rate and a longer life. Its large ventilation holes also mean better cooling and less heat generation to improve grinding.
Norton Clipper Extreme CG Comfort Cup Grinder
For optimal results, this grinding cup can be combined with the Norton Clipper CG125, a single head, handheld grinding machine. Used together, operators can work seven times longer than with standard tools thanks to the combined vibration reduction technology.  
The Norton Clipper Extreme CG Comfort cup is 125mm, with a height of 24mm and is ideal for surface preparation along floor edges and small surfaces (balconies, garages or cellars). The new tool would be a valuable addition to the toolbox of tilers, general builders, concrete flooring contractors or swimming pool installers.
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