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Norton Goes Live

Norton Live

Norton Abrasives is showcasing its expertise in abrasive solutions for metal fabrication by hosting a series of Norton Live webinars.

The webinars enable Norton to add value to its distributors and end-users by increasing abrasive knowledge and understanding of the right solution for each stage of the application process. As a result, this will help users improve their operational efficiencies and make their day-to-day metal working easier and faster.

The webinars, hosted by our European Application Engineer, Paul Gray, will cover various topics from weld removal to getting the most out of a cordless angle grinder. During each webinar, Paul will perform a live demonstration of specific products and processes, followed by an opportunity to ‘Ask the Expert’ any relevant questions.

How to sign up:

  1. Simply choose the relevant webinar event from the schedule
  2. Click ‘sign up today’ to submit your email address
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation and a link to join the Microsoft Teams live event before the event begins.


If you have any feedback on the webinars or ideas for topics you’d like to see as part of the Norton Live webinar schedule, please get in touch.

For further product information and expertise on metal fabrication processes, visit the Metal Fabrication market page.