Norton Quantum3 Grinding wheels are made to bite | Norton

Norton Quantum3 Grinding wheels are made to bite

Norton launches the newest innovation in rough grinding technology 



The International Hardware Fair, Cologne, Germany was the platform for the launch of Norton's latest revolutionary grinding wheel: Norton Quantum3, on 6th March 2016.

It's no secret that over the last few years many ceramic based grinding wheels have been introduced to the market, offering high material removal rates (MRR) but with relatively short life. At Norton, we understand grinding wheels are judged by their MRR, speed of cut, comfort and efficiency to reduce grinding time and now, new Norton Quantum3 takes the next step in optimizing production processes more than ever before with: 

  • Even higher MRR
  • Even longer life
  • Even more comfortable to use

Thanks to Norton's highly specialised knowledge, experience and dedication to producing the right mix of proprietary ceramic grain and tough new bond system, this evolution in abrasive science answers every grinding question.  The wheel 'bites' into the metal with ease, and with effortless steering and control glides through the workpiece for a more comfortable grinding experience than ever before.  In addition, thanks to longer product life, fewer wheels are needed in a process, reducing overall process cost and time lost by changing wheels.


Norton is THE leader of reference in technology and performance. We’re shifting perceptions on grinding technology.


Feel the BITE.