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Norton renews partnership with Bud Racing Kawasaki France

Norton partnership with Bud Racing Kawasaki

We’re delighted to announce that we have renewed our partnership with the most important Motocross team in France: Bud Racing Kawasaki. Following the team’s impressive performance in 2017, we have decided to extend our agreement for the next three years, and we hope to contribute to the team’s continued success through to 2020.

Powerful partnership

The partnership between Norton and Bud Racing Kawasaki France offers huge advantages to both parties, sharing our know-how and expertise through our cooperation, which embodies professional commitment, team spirit and solidarity.

The team has used Norton products for more than 20 years, long before our partnership started in 2017. Thanks to our strong reputation, the team regularly used our discs, blocks and brushes. Now, as the official supplier of abrasives, all of our high performance products and expertise support the team, while Norton benefits from increased exposure to thousands of Motocross fans during the team’s many races and especially their victories in France and across Europe.

Whether it’s grinding, sanding or finishing, the team uses a wide range of Norton products in the maintenance of all of the team’s bikes. You can see the team in action in their workshop:


SGA image


Strong history

Based in Hossegor, south-west France, Bud Racing Kawasaki France is internationally renowned for its skill and the fantastic results achieved in the European Championship. Bud Racing was created in 1995 by the Dassé brothers, initially working on engine and suspension development. But the team made their racing début in 2007, supported by Kawasaki, with the young rider, Marvin Musquin. The team has since gone on to compete in the European and French championships.

Among the incredible results, Bud Racing Kawasaki France has won the title of European Champion EMX125 2017 with Brian Moreau; Benoît Paturel placed third in the Pro Hexis Supercross de Tour and Brian Moreau was victorious in the French Championship on the sand in Hossegor in 2017! The team has always been an advocate of working with young and talented riders in the European series, an approach that has led to their success and continues to bear fruit in 2018.

You can keep up-to-date with the latest team news on the Norton Abrasifs France Facebook page.