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Our Jumbo Masonry Saw is the Bane of Big Blocks

The CM 1000 Jumbo Masonry Saw is ideally suited to slicing through large, heavy blocks of building and construction material with ease.

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An Essential Component of any Construction Site

Masonry saws are a staple feature of any construction site; essential for cutting bricks, blocks, or a wide variety of construction materials.

Norton Clipper have a long and storied tradition where this ubiquitous family of machines are concerned; with over 80 years of manufacturing excellence.

Fast-forward to the modern day and we’re still making the highest quality masonry saws around for all applications; big or small.

The Bane of Big Blocks

Accommodating both 900mm and 1000mm diamond blades and featuring a reinforced table that supports up to a massive 350kg of weight, heavy building materials and natural stones are no match for the CM 1000 Jumbo.

This no-nonsense machine is a truly powerful heavyweight; optimised to cut big blocks down to size quickly and efficiently.

Plug and Play

A newly incorporated ‘plug-and-play’ water pump connection takes the hassle out of maintaining the CM 1000 Jumbo. Previously, an electrician would have been required to change the water pump as it needs to be hard wired into the switch.

With the new connection you only have to unplug the old water pump and plug in a new one, which significantly reduces the machine’s downtime.

A Smooth Manoeuvre

This masonry saw is a sturdy and stalwart machine but it is also designed to be moved easily into place.

Handy transport wheels and forklift sleeves mean that it can be easily manoeuvred when on-site and stored out of the way when not in use.

Push the Button

Hopefully, you will never be involved in an accident with any Norton Clipper machines but in the event of an emergency, the CM 1000 Jumbo has a push stop button that will shut off the power supply to the machine immediately.

Machine Details

Model CM 1000 Jumbo Masonry Saw
Item Number 70184607570
Supply Voltage / Supply Power kW (Hp) 400V ~3 /7,5 kW (10Hp)
Blade x bore 900 /1000 x 60mm
Max cutting depth 370/420mm
Max cutting length 720mm
Max material height 440mm
RPM 928min-1
Weight 420kg
Dimensions 2000 x 1080 x 1700mm

Suitable Diamond Blades

We have a selection of diamond blades that are suitable for the CM 1000 Jumbo Masonry saw.

diamond blade from Norton Clipper diamond blade from Norton Clipper diamond blade from Norton Clipper

Grand Launch at bauma 2019

The CM 1000 Jumbo Masonry Saw had its first outing at bauma 2019 and made a 'jumbo' sized impression on stand goers.

If you would like to know what all the fuss was about, talk to your Norton representative or contact us via our online form

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