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Our New Die Grinder is a Pint Sized Powerhouse

It might be small but our latest Die Grinder is a metal worker’s must-have accessory. With its optimised combination of power, precision, and operator comfort, the user will always feel in control and reach even the most intricate areas of the workpiece.

What is a Die Grinder?

A Die Grinder is a handheld rotary power tool that (due to their small size) are an ideal choice in grinding and finishing hard-to-reach or intricate areas of a workpiece.

Die Grinders get their name from their original role in die manufacturing, where precise grinding is of critical importance to the operation.

In reality though, these tools can be used with almost any substrate and subsequently they have been embraced by fabricators of all kinds; from welders and sheet metal workers to furniture manufacturers and engravers.

Generally recognised as one of the most versatile tools to grace any toolbox, Die Grinders are often accompanied by a vast array of attachments; usually serving a specific application.

The Norton Pneumatic Die Grinder


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Weighing just 650g and delivering up to 25,000 RPM, the pint sized powerhouse is both lightweight and easy to use handle, and its double-bearing spindle generates superb concentricity, making the machine vibrate less when in use.

The Die Grinder’s handy speed regulator help the operator maintain control over their work and non-slip grip keeps the tool stable in the hand; perfect for achieving a quality result in tight spots.

Our Die Grinder is air powered/pneumatic, which means you will need to attach it to an air infeed in order to make it work. Suitable air compressors are readily available but do ensure that you use one that can reach the recommended operating pressure of 6 bar or 90 PSI.

As with all Die Grinders, this versatile tool has a vast array of applications, which are not limited to grinding, sanding, honing and polishing.

To help the user achieve their desired outcome, there are a multitude of complementary abrasive attachments available in the Norton Abrasives range. Greatest synergy is found in combination with Norton’s 6mm shaft tools.

Die Grinder Professional Kit

The Die Grinder is available to purchase as a standalone item or as part of a kit. The Professional Kit offers Norton’s complete assortment of premium specialty attachments (including cartridge, spirabands, cones), mounted flap wheels, mounted points, and carbide burrs.

For more information about our latest Pneumatic Die Grinder, contact your Norton Abrasives representative, or ask our experts using the contact web form today

Please note: This product is subject to availablility and may not be available in your location. Please contact your local Norton representative for more information.