SPAIN-PLANTS-100 -TREES-in-pageOn March 21st, employees at Berrioplano, Navarra (Spain) celebrated International Day of Forests by planting more than 100 trees. It was part of a series of wider sustainable activities carried out during “Green Week”, which comprised various workshops, activities and actions that help to care and protect our environment. The creation of the “Sustainable Forest” was the main action culminating in each of our 111 employees planting a tree.

Trees are known as 'carbon sinks' because of their ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide through their leaves. The planting of trees is an important gesture in the fight against climate change – as one tree can, on average, prevent 22kg of CO2 emissions per year. So it is fair to say that through this small gesture Abrasives Spain has contributed to the reduction of nearly 2.5 tons of CO2 per year!

This initiative adds to the Saint-Gobain group's ambitious environmental challenge in its commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, reduce industrial water extraction, use recyclable packaging, reduce and progress in circular economy through the use of virgin raw materials, waste reduction and increased use of recycled products.