Super Safe, Powerful Performance, Invincible Diamond Blades

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Our new range of diamond blades will help you cut like a superhero and feel ‘Invincible’.

Heroic Performance

Not every new product is fronted by their very own superhero but our NEW Invincible diamond blades truly are a special case. Featuring the safest in diamond segment technology and heroic performance even on battery powered machines, you’ll feel invincible using one of our diamond blades.

Powers of Invincibility

No, they weren’t exposed to radioactive waste or bitten by a genetically advanced spider, Invincible blades get their super-strong diamond segments from a superior, second generation iHD auto-attachment system.

The patented auto-attachment technology is the safest bonding process around; making use of a copper alloy that brazes the diamond segment directly to the steel centre of the blade by infiltration. This bond is so strong, that Superman himself would struggle to break the segments off.

invincible diamond blade

Sidekicks wanted…

Every superhero operates better with a good sidekick. In this case, our Invincible diamond blades form the perfect ‘dynamic duo’ with all machines, whether they have a cable or are battery powered.

Make light work of any building material

As with all Norton Clipper products, quality and performance are guaranteed. As well as providing a safe user experience, Invincible diamond blades are built for performance and make an ideal choice for cutting all types of building materials.

With the power of the Hulk and the speed of the Flash, our ‘Man of Steel’ makes light work of any substrate that happens to lay in wait.

Count on Invincible

An Invincible blade is a blade that you can rely on to get the job done, as it’s suitable for all building materials.

As a result, there’s no wasted time through demounting and mounting different blades for different materials, which is perfect for those people in time-pressured situations (such as defusing a bomb or trying to stop a supervillain from taking over the World).

invincible diamond blade segment

The iHD auto-attachment technology that bonds the diamond segments to the blade also gives Norton Clipper's Invincible diamond blades even greater durability when compared to other types of blades on the market (laser and sintered).

And, like all great heroes, our blades can be called upon time and time again without cracking under the pressure of duty; keeping the number of replacements required to an absolute minimum.

What sizes are available?

Norton Clipper's Invincible diamond blades are available in two diameters of 115mm and 125mm; each are 12mm in height and feature narrow gullets for a comfortable cutting experience.

Launching at BAUMA 2019

In April 2019, Norton Clipper presented Mr. Invincible and this amazing range of diamond blades at the BAUMA exhibition in Munich, Germany - The World's Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery. For more information about the Invincible range or to request samples, please contact us using the web form on this website.

* Please note: this range is subject to availability and may not be available in your country. Please contact your local Norton Clipper representative to confirm.