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Trim down and carry on with this range long-life flap discs

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With a trimmable nylon backing plate, Norton EasyTrim flap discs offer our customers extra-long product life and cost savings.

Trim down and carry on

Introducing NEW EasyTrim flap discs from Norton Abrasives.

The key advantage that Norton EasyTrim flap discs have over regular flap discs is that they are trimmable, this feature is made possible by a nylon backing plate.

When the abrasive performance levels drop and the disc reaches its normal end-of-life state, the operator simply trims away the backing plate of the flap disc down to the marked red line.

This leaves the often underutilised mid-section of the flap disc (and its unused abrasive grain) ready to continue grinding, blending or finishing.

With a premium R842 zirconia grain, Norton EasyTrim combines durability and great cutting performance for a highly cost effective solution

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Are you trying to grind and finish curved components?

No problem! With Norton EasyTrim it is possible to create overhanging flaps when trimming the backup pad.

This configuration gives the flap disc a flexible edge that helps the user grind difficult to reach areas such as contours, corners and T-Joints; a notoriously difficult job with a flat disc and right angle grinder.

Achieve more...

The net effect of these two great features is that much more work can be achieved with the same disc. By extension, the number of flap discs required to complete any given project is reduced and the customer will see an overall reduction in their process time and project costs.


How to trim flap discs

Step 1 Secure a 90 degree piece of metal in a vice
Step 2 Turn the angle grinder on and carefully bring the nylon backup pad of the flap disc to the metal edge. The backup pad should start to be removed.
Step 3 Once the coloured backup pad is trimmed away, the back cloth side of the abrasive flaps should be visible – blue colouration.
Step 4 Continue to use the flap disc and if needed, repeat the previous 3 steps for further discs. DO NOT exceed the marked red line.
See Paul Gray demonstrate how to trim your flap disc in the

Conveniently colour coded

To help reduce human error and improve process efficiency, EasyTrim flap discs have a convenient colour coded backup pad that indicates grit coarseness.

This at-a-glance system mirrors the established Norton non-woven disc range and means that the user does not need to read the label to immediately identify which grit they need.

The feature is useful when the blotter is no longer readable or has been lost.

As well as offering convenience to the experienced user, this colour code also provides a great training aid for any new apprentices or junior members of staff.

They come to know that the yellow disc is used for stock removal and the blue disc for finishing.

easytrim colour coded flap discs


Colour coding

yellow grinding flap disc red deburring flap disc green blending flap disc blue finishing flap disc
Grit 40 Grit 60 Grit 80 Grit 120
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