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Ultimate edge stability with Norton Winter V-PRIME

Norton Winter V-PRIME wheels for round tool grinding

We’re launching an upgrade of our V-PRO wheels: Norton Winter V-PRIME. Offering the ultimate edge stability in CNC grinding of round tools, V-PRIME has been designed to increase productivity and improve part quality, saving you time and money.

Modern tools for the gashing and clearance grinding of round tools must now be highly flexible, while at the same time delivering improved efficiency and part quality.

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Wear resistance of standard resin bonds is limited while hybrid or metal bonds have good edge stability but are difficult to dress, leaving many of you without a satisfactory solution.

However, we recognised the issues that many of you face and developed our new resin bond – V-PRIME – for all applications in which grinding tool edge stability is vital, offering you a real alternative with a better price-performance ratio.

V-PRIME combines the extreme edge stability of a hybrid or metal bond with the free grinding behaviour of standard resin bonds and the ‘grindability’ of dressing or profiling from standard resin bonds to achieve superior gashing and clearance grinding of round tools.

The V-PRIME wheels deliver a significant increase in productivity thanks to higher feed rates leading to reduced cycle times, less downtime through longer wheel life and simplified wheel preparation, as well as significantly lower overall process costs.

We optimised free grinding behaviour during the development of V-PRIME to ensure that stability was increased, reducing sub-surface damage and helping to meet higher part quality needs demanded by many industries.

Grinding wheel preparation is now much more user-friendly too, which reduces downtime through simpler and faster off-line dressing.

What’s more, the wheel life is substantially improved and workpiece load is lowered through reduced grinding forces compared to other wear-resistant bond systems, further helping to support your process.

Lutz Gaida, Director Product Management Superabrasives, Europe, comments,

“Our upgraded tools, Norton Winter V-PRIME, are set to revolutionise the industry. It delivers optimised performance at a better price-performance ratio, allowing manufacturers to maintain constant wheel geometry for as long as possible, without the need for correction, enabling increased output and improved quality." 

"The new V-PRIME can be easily implemented without any machine or process adjustments, offering immediate improvements.”

Norton Winter V-PRIME tools are available in all common shapes and sizes for resin bonds. Fully customised tools can also be developed for specific requirements. 

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