Saint-Gobain And Norton Winter To Exhibit At EMO | Norton Abrasives

EMO, Hannover 2019

Press release from Norton Abrasives
August 2019



At EMO, Hannover in Hall 11, Stand B 74, Saint-Gobain Abrasives will be presenting a cross-section of its products serving markets such as automotive, gears and bearings, aerospace, grinding tools for the manufacture of shank tools and general surface finishing.

Grinding tool manufacturers are always challenged to meet the high and growing requirements. The tools used have to be of the highest quality, always better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable with every passing year.

With its comprehensive product portfolio, the world's leading expert for grinding solutions, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, offer all sectors of industrial production tailor-made and technically specialised solutions that perform exceptionally well in the most challenging applications.


A key highlight will be the new Vitron7 ceramic bond. The homogeneity and uniform grain distribution in combination with the extremely porous bond, gives cBN grinding wheels even better performance levels. With Vitron7 grinding wheels, Norton Winter has succeeded in making the distribution and spacing of the particles in the bond even more uniform than before.

During grinding, the load is constantly equal on all grains and the wheel wears evenly - it lasts longer and the dressing intervals become longer. Better grinding of engine, transmission and aerospace components Porous grinding wheels are used extensively in aircraft construction, automotive and tool industries.

Due to their special bond structure, the cooling lubricant is quickly fed into the grinding zone, where it reduces friction and quickly dissipates heat from the contact zone.

Jörg Rucker, Product Manager Vitrified Bonds Europe at Saint-Gobain Abrasives:

"The positive properties of the ceramic bond system with its cool grinding are part of the grinding wheel performance and its cutting ability is another key to increasing performance. This is where we started with Vitron7 technology".

Performance demonstrations In addition to Vitron7 and the CarbonForce base bodies being featured on the stand, Saint-Gobain Abrasives will be showcasing a complete cross-section of its grinding performance solutions throughout the EMO exhibition.

These include the AEON galvanic bond system for the ultimate in precise and cost efficient gear and motor component grinding. In the aerospace sector, Norton Quantum X grinding wheels will impress stand goers with their exceptionally high metal removing rate on high-temperature alloys.

The basis for this high performance is the unique combination of various premium Norton abrasive grains and blend of bond technologies.

Application-optimised engineering “Solutions as unique as your project” is the ethos with which Norton Winter attend EMO this year. Adapting grinding solutions to meet the specific needs and demands of a customer is a tradition that Norton Winter are renowned for.

One such solution to this engineering philosophy is Norton Xtrimium; combining technical tool solutions specifically for transmission components.

"New impulses and requirements from the industry are always important driving forces for manufacturers of grinding tools. Because innovative materials, technologies, processes and applications always require new, more efficient products and solutions.

Visitors to our stand can therefore look forward to viewing solutions that will make their own grinding applications better and more economical.".

For more information about the EMO exhibition, please contact your Saint-Gobain Abrasives representative.