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Norton 4x4 Explorer + - Press Release

Norton 4x4 Explorer+ multi-purpose diamond blade


Launched in 2004, Norton 4x4 Explorer was one of the first multi-purpose laser-welded diamond cutting blades and set a standard in the construction industry with excellent cutting speed and long product life in the widest range of building materials.
The  improved version Norton 4x4 Explorer+ benefits from an improved segment specification and manufacturing process, for up to 40% faster cutting speed and 20% longer product life, thanks to the 12mm segment height.
Benchmarking the most prominent competing products in the UK market, Norton has proved that 4x4 Explorer + out-performs all multi-purpose competitor blades, ensuring the best return on investment for the end-user.
Norton 4x4 Explorer+ displays also smart features like the patented cutting depth indicator or the new segment wear indicator, as well as trapezoidal shape segments which reduce vibrations and improve the comfort of the user during the cut.
Four patented or patent-pending technologies make the Norton 4x4 EXPLORER+ a smart diamond blade to use.