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The Norton Guide to Cordless Grinders

Norton’s Guide to getting the most out of the battery powered angle grinder


“With this new solution-led Guide, we’re helping every user of battery-operated angle grinders to find the right product to suit their needs” says Rui Coelho, MRO Channel Manager for Saint-Gobain Abrasives.
Compiled and rigorously tested, this concise collection of Norton Abrasives products takes the uncertainty out of finding a compatible product for cordless angle grinders. With speed, power and battery performance taken into consideration, the new Guide highlights the key benefits of choosing the right abrasive at every step of the application process.
With a clear and easy-to-use pictogram system, the handbook helps readers find the right product for them in three key performance categories:  
  • Battery saving – helping users get the most out of their battery charge, by recommending products proven to reduce battery drainage.
  • Long life – a selection of products recommended for their long cycle life, meaning fewer replacements, down time and cost.
  • Fast acting – helping users work faster, not harder. A concise selection targeting those who need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
When asked about Norton’s new initiative, Rui Coelho added:
“The new Guide showcases the range we have to offer to benefit cordless users. With clear and easy to understand process guides, we hope to make product choice easier, enabling our customers and end users to spend more time focussing on what really matters to them with a range to suit every need, market and application.”
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