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Norton introduces AltosX, the next generation grinding platform

Paris, June 2021


Norton introduces AltosX, the next generation industrial grinding platform


Norton Abrasives has advanced its revolutionary grinding platform for large contact surface grinding operations. The original Norton Altos precision shaped grain was developed in 1999 and revolutionised high stock removal grinding. The new AltosX with Norton QuantumTM technology is the next generation of abrasive wheels engineered for maximum performance and cost savings.

Tests have shown that AltosX is more efficient than any other wheel on the market, delivering twice higher material removal rate at the same power level. Its natural porosity provides better coolant diffusion and wheel balance, while random grain distribution guarantees a more stable cut.

AltosX features the improved grain fracture behaviour of the Norton Quantum chemistry, resulting in lower threshold power and stable grinding behaviour. Due to upgraded grinding parameters, the wheel allows unrivalled material removal rate (MRR) and better part quality, minimising the rejection rate and reducing cycle times, providing actual cost savings and productivity improvement.


In addition to productivity benefits, AltosX allows to reduce the environmental impact linked to the grinding operation. Its highly porous structure without the addition of artificial pore inducers like naphthalene supports production sustainability.


Jerome Legrand, Product Manager for Norton Bonded Vitrified Products, claims: "AltosX is a market leading solution, enabling our customers to meet part quality requirements and productivity objectives. This grinding platform exceeds industry expectations and sets new standards of efficiency."

For more information about AltosX, contact your local Norton representative.